Watch Lars Ulrich of Metallica Surprise a Pediatric Nurse and Share New Album Details

'As a father of three, I can’t thank you enough for what you do'

"We're off to never never-land!"

A healthcare hero on the frontlines battling COVID-19 in New York was given the surprise of a lifetime when Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich popped into her Zoom interview with Jimmy Kimmel as part of his #HealthCareHero feature.

Pediatric ICU nurse and Metallica superfan Tracey Bednar, who lives in Long Island and drives 45-minutes to work each day (likely doing a little headbanging along the way), told Jimmy that her favorite way to unwind after a long day is to blast her favorite band in the car on her way home.

“As a father of three, I can’t thank you enough for what you do," Lars told Bednar when he hopped on the call after hearing her story. "I’ve been sitting here listening in for the last couple of minutes. All of us out here in San Francisco, my family and everywhere are so grateful for what you do. And thank you for having Metallica be a part of your life and your ride home.”

"It's so amazing to hear all the different ways that music and Metallica connect with people," Lars said. "We've been doing this for coming up on 40 years, shh don't tell anybody it's been that long, but it's been just so amazing to continuously hear how we can make a little bit of a difference in people's lives."

Jimmy and Lars returned that gesture, giving Tracey $10,000 plus gift cards for her coworkers, VIP passes to the band’s next show in the New York area, and a signed vinyl copy of their next album, S&M2, which is set to drop in August.

Watch the full segment below.

Jimmy Kimmel has been consistently doing his part to keep up the spirits of those fighting the COVID-19 health crisis with surprise virtual meetings for fans along with charitable donations, while Lars and his 'Tallica pals have been doing the same in their own way.

In fact, Lars recently spoke of the possibility of a new record being released while in quarantine during a virtual chat, and now it seems that is on the way in the form of S&M2, "a special box set," says Lars, likely expanding on the band's show with the San Francisco Symphony last year.

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