Mick Jagger Once Said Still Being a Musician at 60 Was ‘Ridiculous’

Mick Jagger may be more like us than we thought.

The freshly-turned 76-year-old Rolling Stones frontman started putting money in his retirement pension plan when he was in his 20s.

The insight comes from Jagger’s then-accountant Laurence Myers, The Guardian reports.

According to Myers, the young Jagger was keen on preparing for retirement, finding the prospect of rocking in his 60s ridiculous.

“We started chatting, started talking about pensions. [Mick] said, ‘after all, Laurence, I’m not going to be singing rock’n’roll when I’m 60,’” Myers said. “We roared. It was just a ridiculous thought that a young man would be singing rock’n’roll when he was 60. Needless to say, he carried on beyond 60 and he created his own pension.”

In his youth, Jagger was pragmatic, pennywise and a brainiac with an interest in business. He studied at the London School of Economics, and even considered a career in insurance.

Myers, who also set up a music business, recounts tales of The Rolling Stones, among other stars, in his upcoming memoir Hunky Dory (Who Knew?), an insider look at the music industry golden age of the 60s and 70s.

Mick’s financial planning has panned out. The rocker has an estimated fortune of £260 million.

But he was way off about his elderly singing days. Jagger’s still hitting the stage well into his 70s, even after a heart surgery in May.