Not Creepy: Rock Legends Get Spiders Named After Them

Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Scorpions members have been immortalized

If Rick Allen, Bruce Dickinson and Klaus Meine ever formed a supergroup, they could call themselves The Spiders. A Brazilian biologist who likes to rock has discovered four new spider species and named them after the Def Leppard drummer, Iron Maiden singer and Scorpions singer.

Christina Rheims specializes in spider taxonomy and says she likes researching and finding interesting names. She started by coming up with a new genus for the 1 to 2 centimeter creepy crawlers: Extraordinarius, and then added three of her favorite musicians to it. So we have Extraordinarius rickalleni, Extraordinarius bruceickinsoni and Extraordinarius klausmeinei. There’s also Extraordinarius andrematosi – named after Brazilian singer Andre Matos.

"I've always wanted to honor Rick Allen because I think he's an example," Rheims told PRI. "You have a drummer that loses an arm, and he continues his career and he learns how to play with only one arm. So he's one of the Extraordinarius as well."

Allen was flattered by the honor, voicing his approval on social media.

Meine was also excited. At his request, Rheims created and signed an official certificate for him.

“I like to joke that now he has my autograph,” Rheims said.

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