EXCLUSIVE: Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Tour 'Postponed' Until He's '100 Percent Confident'

Plus more about the Parkinson’s disease diagnosis from the Prince of Darkness

Ozzy Osbourne has no interest in giving you half a show. The iconic singer will soon release his first album in nearly 10 years, Ordinary Man, but he has scrapped tour dates for 2020 until he’s sure he can deliver what’s expected from one of the greatest Rock stars in history.

“I cannot go out on the road, until I’m 100 percent confident that I can pull it off,” Ozzy shares in an exclusive talk with RADIO.COM, live from inside Osbourne’s home.

He’s very clear that the shows have been “postponed,” not cancelled, but very conscious of the live legacy he has built. “If I go out now and I can’t carry on, people are gonna think I’ve lost the plot, ya know. So I’m not gonna go out there until I can give them the show that I want to give them, because it’s not fair to them.”

Ozzy has battled back from a horrible year, with 2019 offering a string of health setbacks punctuated by the reveal that Osbourne has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. But in person, the Prince of Darkness still looks strong upon the throne, with a black skull sweater sitting steady on a blue velvet chair.

In hours the world will hear his 12th solo studio album, with Ozzy sounding reignited. That voice still cuts through and blasts past even the most accomplished artists he surrounds himself with. This time it’s Slash, Tom Morello, and Elton John to name a few, which dare step into the sonic circle with Ozzy. Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses, and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers both play throughout the LP as well, making him sound just as powerful as ever.

With that in your back pocket, it makes sense for Ozzy to take his time. “I mean I’ve waited this long, and I’m intending on going back on the road” he says as his eyes get wide. “I don’t want to go egh, and fall over the first song” he jokes.

As Ozzy works through new treatment, he keeps his eye on a return to touring, appearing anxious to play new material and to see the fans. Of course everyone was worried when they heard that the “No More Tears” singer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease this year, but as he tells us, this is nothing new for him.

“Everybody thinks when I had this fall last year, ‘he found out he had Parkinson’s.’ I’ve known about Parkinson’s since 2003. I’ve had it all my life. It’s not a death sentence. When I got diagnosed I went, ‘okay,’” he says shooting off a casual look. “I’m not shaking,” he exclaims with his hand outstretched.

“The one I have it’s called P2. It’s a mild form of Parkinson’s at the moment. But the doctor told me that I probably walk by 10 people a day that have got it that don’t even know they’ve got it.”

For more from Ozzy Osbourne, check out the full video above. Ordinary Man is available everywhere on Friday February 21.

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