Skillet frontman John Cooper speaks on faith, blasts 'godless' and 'lawless' popular music

'It is a celebration of sin'
John Cooper
Photo credit Getty Images

Skillet singer John Cooper is not a fan of popular music.

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Cooper took part in an interview with Washington Watch With Tony Perkins (via Blabbermouth) and spoke about how music can affect the way people think about the world around them.

"Music is a fantastic vehicle,” Cooper said. “Music kind of — what's the right word to say this? Music kind of softens you up to hear what someone thinks about something that maybe you wouldn't normally want to listen to.”

The Skillet frontman then turned his attention to pop music. “Now, what we have to realize, of course, is that that can be used for bad — that can be used for really evil things or it can be used for really good things,” Cooper said.

“What our young people are going through now is that they're constantly hearing this pop music. The popular music or the culture is so godless. It is lawless. It celebrates just absolute sexual revolution, I guess you would say — an abandonment, a liberation from Christianity, a specific liberation from Jesus Christ himself. It is a celebration of sin.”

Cooper then turned his attention to the lyrical content of songs. "A lot of people say, 'I don't really listen to the lyrics,' but the truth is that these lyrics, they get into you," he said. "So we wanna do something that is the opposite, you see, because I don't believe that music is owned by the Devil. The Devil doesn't create music; he does not own music.”

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