FANDEMIC: The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen Says New Album 'Feels Like A Rebirth'

'This record in particular the track listing is super important'
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The Pretty Reckless are going out their own way. The band returned earlier this month with their first new song since 2016, the blistering and blunt “Death By Rock And Roll,” a welcome mood-booster during these unprecedented times.

Frontwoman Taylor Momsen joined RADIO.COM host Taryn Daly for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live on Wednesday, May 27t answering fan questions from around the world and giving us a look into what the future holds for the band.

Late last year, when she along with the rest of us were still putting on pants every day, Momsen shared that there were “big things in the works.” The Pretty Reckless teamed with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron for work on the group’s fourth album. Since then, the groups have stayed close as part of the ‘I Am The Highway’ tribute concert for Chris Cornell – and for a special cover of "Halfway There” to mark the anniversary of his passing.

When asked what artist or band Momsen would like to see cover one of her own songs, she was caught by surprise. “Anyone,” she smiled. “Anytime you see fan covers online, it’s so cool just to see something I wrote for myself in my bedroom is suddenly reaching people and they’re learning it and singing along...”

“I’m not on tour, unfortunately, so I can spend time on the phone and I’ve been seeing so many 'Death By Rock And Roll' guitar covers from fans,” says Taylor. “I love seeing that. If we can inspire you to pick up an instrument, totally!”

Taylor and company were forced to postpone their 2020 tour along with the rest of the industry and the singer says she simply can’t wait to get back in front of fans. “We had some really great touring lined up for this summer. I mean, from 'Rock on the Range' to 'BFD' to 'Rock Am Ring' in Germany… we were getting psyched to get out into the world again.”

“One day, we’re just waiting,” she says optimistically. “Nothing’s actually canceled. That’s how I’m looking at it. Everything’s just pushed. It’s just postponed. So, we will rock again.”

Speaking on the new album, Momsen says fans can expect some obvious themes and concepts based on the lead single (death and rock n' roll), but doesn’t want to give away too much prematurely.

“We went through some hard times for a few years here and the writing and making of this [record] was really kind of the culmination of everything we went through… I love it. It very much feels like a rebirth for us. It feels like the first record again in a sense… We put everything we have into this record.”

Taylor says we can expect twelve new songs on the upcoming album, each slot on the record carefully chosen by Momsen herself. “The track listing, to me, on albums is very important. All our records, I always say, you should listen to from front to back because they’ll take you on some sort of journey. This record in particular the track listing is super important.”

With more new music on the way and the tour rescheduled for later in 2020, The Pretty Reckless are off to a searing start to the new era, and we can’t wait for more.

Watch the full interview above as Taylor answers even more fan questions about her artistic endeavors aside from music, advice for women struggling with their identity, and much more.

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