Kelly Osbourne Says 'The Osbournes' Closer Than Ever to Returning to TV

All aboard for more Ozzy

It’s been almost fifteen years since The Osbournes finished their run on MTV. The ground-breaking peek into the life of Ozzy Osbourne and his family set records for the network, and introduced everyone to a new side of the Prince of Darkness.

In a new interview, daughter Kelly Osbourne shares that there are constantly attempts to revive the series, and there is currently an opportunity on the table that could bring them back for real.

“I’m not joking, every single year about every three months or so someone else gives us another offer and we keep saying no,” Kelly tells People.“It keeps coming ’round. Right now there’s another offer on the table and I think this is the closest we’ve ever come to accepting one, but whether that will happen or not, I don’t know.”

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The Osbournes ran for four seasons on MTV, first launching in 2002. The look at the life of Ozzy and his wife Sharon Osbourne, along with Kelly and her brother Jack Osbourne, catapulted the family into a new level of fame. In subsequent years the family has been featured on other reality projects, including Ozzy & Jack's World Detour on A&E, featuring the pair visiting historical sites around the country.

“The first season was such a magical time in my family’s life because we had no idea what we were doing. We had no idea that the show would be so successful,” Kelly continued. “We didn’t know how people would perceive us or anything. And then suddenly wake up one day and literally be one of the most famous 16-year-olds in the world just being yourself. I think that is the most raw and vulnerable you will see any family on TV.”

Last week Ozzy Osbourne released his first solo song in nearly ten years, debuting “Under the Graveyard.” It’s the first sample from his upcoming album, Ordinary Man, due out in 2020.

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