Tool Promises to Eject Fans Who Violate Concert Cell Phone Policy

Read the email concertgoers in Cleveland received

Tool doesn’t want fans to be distracted by cell phones at their concerts, and they’re not messing around.

The “Fear Inoculum” band has a strict no camera policy at its shows because band members feel it takes away from the experience, and they’re so serious about it that fans could find themselves on the outside looking in if they don’t follow the rule. Fans attending Tool’s concert in Cleveland this week received an email before the show explaining the consequences.

“We respectfully request that you please watch and listen to the show, not your phone,” the email from the venue states. “You will be ejected from the show without the opportunity to return and without a refund if you violate this simple request and elect to take photos during the performance. In the event of a personal emergency, phone use may occur on the concourse away from the performance area.”

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Cleveland fans apparently rock as advertised because during the show, frontman Maynard James Keynan told them they were “up to par,” before telling security to stand down and let the crowd check their email. A music journalist detailed the moment on Instagram, and received this response from a fan:

“He has done this at each show,” user careydouglas wrote. “We saw them in Chicago and they had the same postings literally stuck on every other seat in the United Center. When they come back for an encore of “Stinkfist,” he tells people they were good and they can film the last song, telling the security guards to ‘stand down.’"

So there you have it – follow the cell phone rules at a Tool concert and you’ll be rewarded at the end. You’ll also be able to see the show the way it was intended: with your own, unfiltered two eyes.

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