Yes, That's Guns N' Roses in the New 'Westworld' Trailer

Listen to a new version of a classic song

It’s one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time, and it has come a long way since Axl Rose first heard Slash playing it in their Los Angeles home in the ‘80s.

The notes that carry “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses have ended up in the season three trailer for the hit HBO show “Westworld,” but they’re not played on guitar. A piano version of the hard rock classic works just as well as a transition between scenes in the clip. The new rendition is the work of Ramin Djawadi, a German-Iranian composer who also has “Game of Thrones” on his resume.

The original riff was written during pre-production for GNR’s iconic debut album, Appetite for Destruction, and the song ended up being the ninth track on the album and one of the defining tracks of the decade.

"Axl had apparently overheard us doing it from upstairs in the bedroom where he was, and so we were at the rehearsal room the next day or later that night and he goes, ‘Hey, play that riff that you were playing,’" Slash told Billboard in 2015.
"We started playing it and all off a sudden, he had words for it and it just became the song."

A song that has serious staying power. It went to #1 on the Billboard 100 in 1988 and in 2019, it became the first music video from the ‘80s to achieve one billion views on YouTube.

Guns N’ Roses is preparing for their 2020 Larger Than Life tour that will stop in 19 North American cities.

The “Westwood” season three premiere is on March 15h.

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