Salma Hayek Jokes on Golden Globes Dress: ‘I’m Tricking You Into Thinking I’m Attractive’


Salma Hayek turned heads this past Sunday at the 77th annual Golden Globes, where she dazzled in a revealing blue and cream dress.

The star’s Gucci dress was the talk of social media, and when asked what she thought of the attention at the premiere of “Like A Boss” in New York, the Mexican actress shared why she looked so voluptuous on the red carpet.

“The truth is that I’ve gained a lot of weight and that’s where the weight goes on me… my back is not happy, believe me,” she told the Spanish-language morning show Un Nuevo Día.

“Sometimes you dress a certain way and you don’t look good, you look big. Sometimes you have to wear things that are too sexy, but if you don’t wear that then you look fat. So I’d rather look sexy than fat,” she continued.

Hayek was surprised when she found out that her Golden Globes dress was a topic of conversation. “You go and you never know how it’s going to go for you,” she said of her awards show look to El Gordo y La Flaca. “They could talk about worse things,” she said with a shrug.

The Oscar nominee mused that she’s not getting better-looking with age, “I’m getting smarter and better at tricking you into thinking I’m attractive.”

To transform into her “Like a Boss” character, Hayek wore colored contact lenses and fake teeth, which she says “were the worst. I can barely speak English, and with those teeth?” she teased.

Jokes aside, Hayek did seriously consider getting cosmetic procedures for the movie but decided at the last minute not to because “they told me Botox takes too long to wear off and I had another movie.”

Hayek shared in a recent interview that she started to get lip fillers for the role since they can be removed “but when the doctor put the needle in it hurt so much that I said ‘no, forget it, I’m not doing this again.’”

“Like A Boss” hits theaters Jan. 10.

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