Can These Shoes Making Listening To Music at Home Seem Like You're at a Show?

Vibrating sneakers offer a music experience unlike any other

The future of music is on your feet.

At least that’s what sneaker company DropLabs hopes will be the case, releasing their EP 01 shoes that simultaneously vibrate to the music in your headphones.

Bluetooth technology connects the shoes to any applicable device and converts audio into bass vibrations delivered to a user’s foot. It’s an appealing product for anyone missing the gummed vibration of planting concertgoers in place at live shows, before the coronavirus pandemic.

CEO Susan Paley says the sound-centered sneaker provides a unique experience previously not found in the world of music. “We’ve developed a proprietary technology that we have integrated into the midsole of the sneaker that converts audio signals into vibrations,” she said. “When these vibrations are delivered through your feet and synchronized with what you hear in your ears, it is a completely transformative experience for digital entertainment.”

Customization is at the fingertips of each user who controls volume, bass, treble and filters from a smart phone or tablet.

DropLabs hopes the EP 01’s applications will expand beyond just exercise shoes. The company has garnered testimonials from E-Sports experts like John Davidson. "In Call of Duty, they built this beautiful world and you're pretty immersed in the visuals and the sounds, but to be able to feel it as well, just takes it to another level."

Originally released during a “soft open” last year, the EP 01’s are going for $299. They come in two colors; all black or black with an accented white stripe at the sole.

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