Alex Trebek Offers 'Dream Pick' for 'Jeopardy!' Successor


Alex Trebek has no idea who will replace him when his “Jeopardy!” days are over, but he’s got a suggestion for the people with the power to choose.

The longtime host revealed back in March 2019 that he’s battling pancreatic cancer, which has fans concerned about his longevity with the iconic gameshow. In a conversation with TVLine during the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Trebek revealed he’s leaving the show’s fate up to the producers.

“It’s not a decision that would be up to me, and I would not make myself available to presenting an opinion,” he revealed. “I would leave it up to the people in charge.”

Executive producer of “Jeopardy!” Harry Friedman echoed Trebek’s thoughts on choosing a new host. “[Alex] really has no interest in being involved in that process. We would welcome his opinion, obviously, but he feels like it’s really not up to him. And he has said that for a long time,” Friedman said.

But when it came down to it, Trebek was able to offer up a “dream pick” for the show. “When people ask me who I’d like to see replace me, I say, ‘Well, its probably going to be a woman, and she’ll have to be bright, she’ll have to have a good sense of humor…’ Uhhh, let’s see… Betty White! Betty White is my choice,” Trebek quipped.

Despite the talk surrounding Trebek’s replacement, “Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time” champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter revealed earlier this month that Trebek is irreplaceable as a host.

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