Billy Bush Opens Up on 'New Phase' Ahead of 'Extra' Comeback


After a three-year hiatus, Billy Bush is opening up about his return to TV as the new host of “Extra.”

Bush sat down with RADIO.COM to discuss what it will be like to host “Extra,” the newly envisioned version of the original program. “Feels fantastic,” he said of his new role, which officially begins Monday. “I’m really looking forward to taking an old format show that had a wonderful 25-year run, but needs to change, and I’m doing that,” he said.

The show will be jumpstarted with a must-see first episode. “I think on the first night, I have to address the three-year, forced hiatus, in some way,” he said. He’ll be having an undisclosed “very funny person” join him for a “sparring event."

“Very compelling,” Bush said, but declined to give any clues about the mystery guest.

Bush revealed that the last three years for him have been incredibly introspective. He was abruptly fired from NBC in 2016 after a 2005 lewd hot mic conversation with future president Donald Trump was released.

He said he’s spent a lot of time reading, noting that “The Second Mountain” by David Brooks had a profound impact on him. “We all want to live life on the second mountain. The first mountain is taking the kids to school, making enough money for yourself. It’s all selfish. The second mountain is for others,” he said.

He continued, “This new phase for me has to be that. I’ll do my work a lot more sensitively and empathetically. I might have been in a little bubble before.”

Upon diving back into entertainment news, there are a few people at the top of his must-interview list. “Alec Baldwin, because he says things and he gets away with so much. I think he’s very interesting. Lori Loughlin and her husband; I think there’s some misunderstandings in there,” he said. Musicians John Mayer and Noah Cyrus, Miley’s sister, also topped his list.

“Extra” isn’t the only exciting new development in Bush’s life. When asked about his family, the topic of Jenna Bush Hager and her newborn came up. “I was hoping for a godfather assignment, but the phone has not rung on that one,” he jests. “She’s doing great.”

“Extra” with Bush will debut on September 9.