'Tiger King' star Carole Baskin says Netflix 'betrayed' her with overblown Joe Exotic drama


Carole Baskin rose to fame overnight with the release of Netflix's "Tiger King," a series documenting the lives of big cat owners in the country who seemingly have endless feuds with each other.

Now, Baskin is saying Netflix "betrayed" her, depicting a feud with the infamous Joe Exotic in a way that was exaggerated.

In a conversation with Fox News, Baskin said of Netflix, "I felt betrayed by them. We worked with the producers for five years. When they came to us they said what they were working on was 'Blackfish' for big cats."

"Blackfish" is a 2013 documentary which depicts the mishandling and mistreatment of animals in captivity - specifically whales.

"'Blackfish' showed just a horrible, horrible life for dolphins and whales being kept in these concrete pools. After it, the whole industry of whale shows and stealing whales and putting them in aquariums came to a halt. To do the same for big cats, we though [a documentary] exposing how the cub petting is so cruel would be great," Baskin continued.

Baskin says that everyone involved was "on board," hoping to help create a show called "Stolen Wildlife" in which Joe Exotic would be involved for five minutes.

Instead, Baskin claims she fell into a project that was more about a nonexistent feud with Joe Exotic rather than a show about the treatment and handling of big cats in captivity.

"They totally lied to us about what their end product was going to be," she said. "The whole premise behind [the show] was that it was a feud. For a feud, you have to have two people that are feuding. I've never had a conversation with Joe. I've never even spoken to him," she explained.

She continued on to say that many big cat owners have issues with her - Joe Exotic is just one of them. "He was one of many of them who have threatened to kill me. It's just he's the only one they were finally able to catch and put behind bars," she said.

Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for plotting to hire someone to murder Baskin. Still, Baskin claims that Netflix was "trying to sell a feud."

"I think they had to paint me into this kind of Karen figure that just drove him mad and that's how this whole thing happened," she said.

According to Fox News, Netflix declined to comment, and series filmmakers Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode did not respond to requests.

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