Peter Weber's Mom Barb Does Not Approve of His Choice on Dramatic 'The Bachelor' Finale


The phrase “mom knows best” should not and could not be applied to last night’s finale of “The Bachelor.”

Peter Weber concluded his journey for love on Monday night, but it left his love and personal life messier than it was before.

At the top of the hour, Peter got down on one knee and proposed to Hannah Ann, the only girl still left in the running since Madison “surrendered,” packed up her things, and drove off.

Hannah Ann wasn’t the only one visibly shocked by the proposal as Peter seemed a little surprised and uncertain as well.

“I know that I told you that I was falling for you. And that my heart was being pulled in two different directions. And now I have to follow my heart,” he said. It felt like the beginning of a breakup, and as he mentioned "Madison," it seemed like he accidentally said her name before catching himself and explaining that she'd left. Unfortunately, he never elaborated on what happened, so Hannah Anne didn't know she was essentially a second choice.

When Peter arrived at his parents house following the engagement, it became clear who influenced his decision.... his mother, Barb.

As he drew out the reveal, Barb began sobbing hysterically as her wish of having “daughter” Hannah Ann join the family came true.

Unfortunately, Peter’s heart wasn’t fully into the relationship and about a month later, he broke up with Hannah Ann.

“I want so badly to be able to give you my entire heart,” Peter told Hannah Ann. “But I can’t do that.” Hannah Ann, a strong and independent woman, digs into him for blindsiding her, taking away her first engagement, proposing when he didn’t want to, and never staying true to his words. It’s the first time we see Hannah Ann have a personality and honestly, a backbone looks good on her. She leaves the house clearly disgusted with her ex and knowing she’s her own rock. Cue “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child.

Barb is equally as disgusted watching from the live studio audience. Her expressions and reactions are captured in a box on the lower level of the screen known from here on out as the "Barb Cam."

They go viral throughout the night as she giddily cheers on Hannah Ann and disapproves of her son’s choices about runner-up Madison Prewett.

During night one of the finale, Barb expressed her absolute adoration for Hannah and made it clear that she would never accept Madison because her values and beliefs didn’t align with Peter’s.

Her tearful hysterics, which led to the iconic “bring her home to us” moment that was quite the Bachelor Nation letdown, explained all of Peter Weber’s actions and choices on the series.

Peter lives with his mother, who knows an awful lot about his sex life and is proud of it, and who believes she can dictate his life’s choices through emotional manipulation.

But Monday’s meltdown was nothing compared to Barb’s unhinged attack during the finale on Tuesday.

Once Chris Harrison revealed that he went to Madison’s hometown of Auburn, Alabama to inform her that Peter was now single and to give her a second chance, a new Bachelor villain was born.

She rolled her eyes as Peter and Madison reunited, and it was telling that she was not going to support this relationship in the slightest.

Peter and Madison admitted that they wanted to give their relationship a real shot, take it day by day, and face any obstacles that come their way together, but the Barb Cam revealed that she would be the biggest obstacle.

When Harrison finally gave Barb the podium, he instantly regretted it.

Barb did not hold back as she listed all the reasons why she wasn’t a fan of Madison aka “not angel Hannah Ann,” which include Madison making them wait three hours to meet her back in Australia, not wanting to meet the family, and then saying she wasn't in love with Peter.

“We didn’t get an apology from her,” Barb said spiraling. “And when I proceeded to ask her if she was madly in love with my son, she said no, and that she would not accept a proposal in four days. How do you expect a mother who loves her son with all of her heart to take that?”

In short, Barb is mad at Madison’s honesty, that she considered both her and Peter’s happiness prior to making a rash decision, and that she stood up for herself and her beliefs. Plus, it’s likely production kept the Weber’s waiting and not Madison, but none of that means anything to Barb because she’s made up her mind -- Madison is a no good, very bad, choice for her son.

The camera pans to Madison, who is quite literally biting her tongue. She offers up this remark instead: “I can’t change the past, and there is a lot that’s out of my control.” Three claps for Madison.

When Harrison attempts to mediate and asks Barb how they can move forward, her advice draws literal gasps from the stunned crowd: “Chris, he’s going to have to fail to succeed. All his friends, all his family, everyone that knows him, knows that it’s not — you know, it’s not going to work.”

The odds are stacked against Madison, and she’ll forever have to deal with this Barb and not the Barb that she got along with during their vow-renewal ceremony at the very first hometown date.

However, she has a champion in her corner and that’s Peter, who is slowly (and nervously) starting to find his voice and likely realizes that his mother is controlling and manipulative.

“She’s one of the most amazing people I ever met, and I know that if you give it time you will be able to see it,” he tells his family though it falls on deaf ears.

Only time will tell how this love story will unfold, but if Barb has anything to do with it, there will be plenty of more obstacles than just Madison’s faith and religious upbringing.

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