Ellen DeGeneres says goodbye to pixie cut as she unveils edgier new hairstyle on 'The Ellen Show'


Ellen DeGeneres debuted a brand new look during a recent episode of “The Ellen Show.”

Gone was her signature pixie cut. Instead, it was replaced with a short swept back hairstyle that gave the 62-year-old host an edgier look.

While DeGeneres has been rocking the ‘do for at least a week, fans just took notice after a clip from the show offering a close-up look was posted on October 20th.

The comments began pouring into Instagram with mixed reactions from fans. Some wondered what happened to her old cut while others complimented the new look simply stating “nice hair.”

One user even pointed out that the cut resembles the look donned by DeGeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi.

Earlier in the week, DeGeneres gave fans another look at the hairstyle while parodying a photo which showed the host imitating Kylie Jenner’s sultry pose.

And in yet another video, DeGeneres chatted with Colin Jost of “SNL” as fans pointed out that her new ‘do was very similar to his.

One user even commented: “why do they look the same?”

DeGeneres’ program was recently the subject of headline as allegations of misconduct were made by former and current employees while the show was on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The daytime series and the host made headlines earlier this year for an alleged “toxic workplace.” The controversy led WarnerMedia to investigate and oust three senior producers on the show.

The comedian addressed the claims during the first episode of the 18th season of her show.

She apologized to all those who were affected and accepted responsibility for “what happens” on her show. Prior to the premiere, DeGeneres issued an apology to fans of the show.

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