‘Friends’ fan notices peculiar blooper in scene with Ross and his parents


In the television world, nothing is perfect.

A TikTok user was able to spot a weird blooper that happened on a “Friends” episode, reports Today.

The user, named @bronniiieee, saw the occurrence in a scene where Ross, played by David Schwimmer, and Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, celebrate with Ross’ parents at their 35th-anniversary party. The parents, Jack and Judy Gellar, are played by veteran actors Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles.

The season-eight episode called “The One in Massapequa” aired in 2002. However, the fan just noticed the glitch in 2021.

Click here to see the bizarre video.

“In all my ‘Friends’ fan years, how have I never noticed this guy before?” the TikTok user asked in text across the video.

The scene shows Ross and Rachel talking to Jack and Judy when the scene cuts suddenly and Gould’s character disappears. In an instant, fans can see a different actor standing in Jack’s place. However, the actor looks nothing like Gould and is wearing glasses.

On Hollywood sets, an actor who isn’t able to be present usually has a person standing in for them. At times, a stand-in is used during rehearsals.

Luckily for producers, the scene of the unknown actor lasts for a split second.

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