Hasbro Rolls Out Adorable Baby Yoda Toy Collection


Get ready to hear about Baby Yoda merchandise for the next several months.

Since Disney+ introduced the adorable green alien on its series “The Mandalorian,” Baby Yoda has become a pop culture phenomenon, won the hearts of "Star Wars" and non-"Star Wars" fans alike, and spawned a viral meme.

But now, every bounty hunter in the Galaxy is going to be chasing down Hasbro’s first collection of figurines based on the fan-favorite character.

While Baby Yoda earned his nickname because of his uncanny resemblance to another iconic and beloved “Star Wars” character, Yoda, Disney is officially calling him “The Child,” with retailers and manufacturers are following suit.

Hasbro’s “The Child” collection is part of the “Star Wars The Bounty Collection” and is said to be “authentically styled after the Disney+ series.”

The 2.2-inch collectible figures come in 2-packs with a total of 6 collectibles in the series.

Each pack features The Child adopting fun poses like sleeping in his brown blankie, eating a Sorgan frog, playing with a ball, drinking his bone broth from a small cup, reaching over to press some buttons, and looking like he’s about to cry.

Hasbro is also selling a 6.5-inch figure ($17.99) which comes with multiple points of articulation so kids can pose The Child however they’d like.

Since Baby Yoda became an overnight sensation, merchandise will not be available in time for the holiday season.

However, you can be the first to pre-order your Baby Yoda toys, which are expected to arrive on May 25, 2020.

That way, if you’re really keen on giving someone the gift of Baby Yoda, you can do it in the form of an “IOU (I owe you).”

“We’ve been so enamored with the conversation and fan reaction surrounding ‘The Mandalorian’s’ The Child and we know Star Wars fans around the world will be thrilled to see this beloved character incorporated into the Hasbro Star Wars collection of products,” Samantha Lomow, president of Hasbro’s Entertainment Brands, said in a statement.

FunkoPop also announced The Child toys earlier this month with a pre-order option and 2020 availability.

Baby Yoda’s Funko Pop will be available in two sizes: a standard 3.75-inch figure retailing at $12.99 and a near-life-sized 10-inch version for $26.99.

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