How to Make Ross Geller's Iconic Turkey Sandwich from 'Friends'


If you're looking for way to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers, the official "Friends" cookbook will allow you to make some of your favorite TV recipes, including the iconic Moist Maker.

Joey may have loved eating sandwiches on the '90s sitcom, but none of his sandwiches rivaled the Moist Maker, which wasn't just "a sandwich," it was the sandwich first concocted by Monica Geller (Courtney Cox) for her brother Ross Geller (David Schwimmer).

In season 5 episode 9 fittly titled “The One with Ross’ Sandwich,” Monica uses leftover Thanksgiving trimmings to create the gravy-soaked delicacy.

With slices of turkey, stuffing, and gravy, it’s no wonder Ross was beside himself when he found out his co-worker not only ate but threw out half of “his sandwich.”

If you’ve always dreamt of recreating the Moist Maker at home to see if Ross’ anger was justified, you’re in luck!

The recipe is included in the “Friends” cookbook by Amanda Yee, which was published on September 22.

Monica may have used Thanksgiving leftovers, but if you’re one of those people that longs for the holidays year-round, you’re going to want to make this as soon as possible… or before anyone has a chance to eat it before you do!

Can there be a more perfect and iconic sandwich?

Check out the recipe below, courtesy of Insider:


- 3 slices of sandwich bread
- Mayonnaise (optional)
- 2 pieces romaine lettuce
- 1/4 cup gravy
- 1/2 cup leftover turkey or deli-style slices
- 1/4 cup canned cranberry sauce (you can also recreate the books "Chandberry" sauce)
- 1/4 cup cornbread stuffing
- Salt and pepper


- Lay out a slice of bread. If using mayonnaise, spread an even layer over the slice of bread then top with a leaf or two of lettuce, then half the turkey, followed by half of the stuffing.
- Pour the leftover gravy into a shallow dish. Dip a second slice of bread into the gravy and turn to coat. Top the stuffing with this moist maker slice.
- Add another layer of lettuce, the remaining turkey, cranberry sauce, and top with the rest of the stuffing and the final slice of bread. Use a large toothpick to hold everything together.

This summer, Schwimmer revealed he’s excited to reunite with the cast after all these years in the upcoming reunion on HBO Max.

"It's going to be the first time the six of us are on that couch on the original set that is being rebuilt and on our soundstage where we shot for 10 your years, so it's going to be quite something for us to reunite and be in that environment for the first time together," he said.

Filming was set to begin in August after it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, Matthew Perry revealed that the reunion had been pushed back to March 2021.

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