Jennifer Aniston Confirms 'Friends' Cast Is Working on New Project


Jennifer Aniston confirmed that the “Friends” cast is working on a new project.

They just don’t know what yet.

The 50-year-old actress told Stephen Colbert that a project with the original main cast is in the works during Tuesday night appearance on “The Late Show.”

The confirmation came after months of speculation around a new project, fueled by real-life reunion selfies and piqued by Aniston’s Monday “Ellen” appearance teasing that “something is happening.”

The confession came after Colbert asked her “How often does this happen?” while holding up a photo of the full cast selfie that Aniston posted to kick off her new Instagram account earlier this month.

“Something is happening,” Aniston stammered out to Colbert.

“Did you just say that to end the question?” Colbert asked.

“I’m saying it now to end it,” Aniston joked.

“But we don’t know what that something is,” she added moments later.

“Doesn’t matter,” Colbert said. “Something is better than nothing.”

Aniston was on “The Late Show” promoting “The Morning Show,” her upcoming series about a male TV anchor (played by Steve Carrell) who is fired for sexual conduct.

On the show, Aniston plays the part of a news reader who defends her job from a rival (played by real-life friend and former “Friends” guest star Reese Witherspoon) after the claims are made against the male colleague.

“The Morning Show” premieres Nov. 1 on Apple TV+.