Jennifer Aniston Was Told to Lose Weight to Keep Career, New Book Claims


Before her time as Rachel Green on the hit sitcom ‘Friends,’ Jennifer Aniston was one of the many actresses that was told to lose weight. That is according to a new book that just hit the shelves.

The book is called “Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era” and the author who wrote it is named Saul Austerlitz.

Austerlitz wrote in the book that “she had to lose 30 pounds if she wanted to stay in Hollywood, that’s according to People magazine. In the book it explained how Aniston once received a callback and was told to dress in a leotard.

Aniston said to her agent, “This’ll blow it for me.”

“Aniston was hardly fat — everyone could see she was beautiful — but as the show she would one day become indelibly associated with later made a point of noting, the camera added 10 pounds," added Austerlitz.

Rolling Stone did an interview with Aniston in 1996 where she talked about the same callback story.

Aniston told the outlet at the time that her agent was very blunt with her, and that she was not getting jobs because she was too heavy.

In an interview with People magazine in 2016, she said looking back at that point in her life, she is glad it happened because it made her make healthier decisions.

Aniston will now both star in and executive produce Apple TV+'s new series "The Morning Show." It takes viewers into a newsroom and shows how a morning show is faced with sexual misconduct allegations against one of its hosts.

"The Morning Show" is available to stream on Apple TV+ on November 1.