'Jeopardy!' Contestants Fell in Love and Got Married After Meeting on Show


What happens when two people get married after meeting on “The Jeopardy!”? What is love, Alex!

There was nothing trivial about the love story between Emily Theresa Cloyd and Stacy Cloyd, who met while competing on “Jeopardy!” in 2010.

The now couple first met at an audition in Washington, DC, before they both got booked for the same episode taping eight months later, reports Insider.

A decade later, Emily is sharing their love story on Twitter. She captioned the photo, “#ThankYouAlex- @StacyCloyd and I can honestly say that you changed both of our lives. #JEffect.”

The couple shared that they both invited Alex Trebek to the wedding, but he declined and wished them the best.

"I grew up watching 'Jeopardy' with my parents — it was a fairly regular after-dinner routine — and in high school I was on the Quiz Bowl team," Emily said. "I continued to watch the show once I was an adult, and I enjoyed going to trivia nights with friends, but I wasn't a regular in any leagues.”

She continued, "Although I'd always thought it would be fun to be on the show, I wasn't really pursuing it until one day I saw an advertisement for the online test and thought it would be fun to try out," Emily added. "Fittingly, I got the email saying that I'd made it through to the in-person audition one evening after going to trivia night with my roommate."

Throughout the process, producers of the show prepared questions to help contestants relax. "Who came the furthest for the audition?" they asked.

Emily’s wife, Stacy responded and said that she just graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor and would soon be moving to DC for work. Emily had received her undergraduate degree and also was working in DC.

"After the audition session ended, I followed Stacy on to the elevator and introduced myself as a fellow Michigan alumna and suggested that she get in touch when she moved to town," Emily said.

When Emily flew to Los Angeles for the episode, she noticed Stacy right away. By the end of the Double “Jeopardy!” round, Emily had $400, the returning champion Manny Maldonado III had $1,000 and Stacy had $15,000.

After the two competed in the game, both hosted a viewing party and the rest is history!

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