'Jeopardy!' Fans Offer Support to Contestant Suffering from Anxiety


The “Jeopardy!” community is rallying behind a contestant from Thursday’s episode whose nerves got the best of her.

Priscilla Drobes, a stay-at-home mom from New York, suffered from a severe case of anxiety while on the popular game show.

Throughout the episode, she only answered two questions right and finished in the negatives with minus $5,400.

"Priscilla, I think nerves got the best of you today ... You were just so nervous," longtime host Alex Trebek said to Drobes at the conclusion of the episode.

In a heartwarming and inspiring twist, the whole “Jeopardy!” community, including former contestants, reached out to offer Drobes words of support.

One person stood up for Drobes stating she “took and passed the same #Jeopardy test and audition as every other contestant on the show. She absolutely deserved to be on that stage. Today just wasn't her day.”

A second user echoed those sentiments adding that “99%" of the population can’t even get on the game show.

Another user called her “brave” for “putting yourself out there and I have nothing but respect for you to have stayed on that stage when I'm sure you wanted to run."

Former contestant Josh Frumkin agreed that you don’t know how stressful being on the game show is until you get there.

“You all who haven’t been on #Jeopardy have no idea how incredibly difficult and stressful it is to be under those lights with Trebek in front of you and the red light on the camera. No idea. Even as champ I completely froze mentally for the first category of my second game,” he wrote.

Another former contestant, Chris Jacobs, was at the live taping and revealed his side of the story via a Twitter thread once the episode aired.

“You could tell Priscilla was nervous—she was shaking while giving her responses—and at a certain point, the tension builds on itself. You start trying to force things, and you just get yourself further in the hole. She was having that kind of night,” he said adding that fear and anxiety have happened to Ken Jennings, who was crowned the “Greatest of All Time” during last week’s multi-night primetime tournament.

Jacobs said that after the show, Trebek went up to Priscilla and though he was not close enough to hear the conversation, he added that “I know that after my last @Jeopardy game, Alex told me not to overthink things, and not to second-guess myself for my mistakes. I did just that, of course—I’m a perfectionist, and it’s in my nature.”

His summed it up like this: “But after having watched that interaction between Alex and Priscilla—albeit at a distance—I couldn’t help but think that if a 79-year-old battling pancreatic cancer had told me there are bigger things to worry about than a bad game of @Jeopardy, I would probably listen.”

Jacobs took the time to remind fans that “it’s never a bad time to bring kindness and compassion into someone else’s life.”

Drobes went home with $1000.

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