The 'Craziest' Thing Joe Giudice Said to Teresa Before Their Split


The spark fizzled out between Teresa Giudice and her husband of 20 years, Joe Giudice, long before they publicly called it quits in December.

During Wednesday’s episode of Bravo's “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Giudice recalled a pivotal conversation that the two had when she visited him at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainment center in May.

“Today, Joe said the craziest s— to me,” Teresa told her brother, Joe Gorga. “He said to me, ‘I just want you to know, I feel nothing for you.’ He told me, ‘Go find someone else. I won’t even be mad.’ “

The revelation stunned Teresa, who admitted she didn’t know what to do next but wanted what was best for their four daughters.

“I don’t want the kids to live through that, you know?” Teresa said. She later acknowledged that she knew her daughters could “feel” the tension when they “bicker.”

Gorga then confesses that he was never a fan of Teresa and Joe’s relationship.

“You want to know the truth? I never really thought you guys had a good relationship. I just didn’t see him treating you the way you should have been treated,” he said. “I’m not getting involved in your marriage ever. I’m just telling you now because you’re in this situation. You gotta get happy in life. I don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Joe’s always going to be arrogant. He’s rough and he’s tough. He doesn’t know how to open up and be a man,” Gorga explained in his confessional.

“You know what a man is? When he can look at you and say, ‘I love you. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful.’ That’s a f—ng man.’ “

Teresa and Joe have been married since 1999, but have been separated since March 2016 following their bankruptcy fraud scandal.

A source close to the couple announced that they were officially splitting on Dec. 17, 2019, but did not plan to divorce just yet.

At the time, Joe confirmed the split by posting a side-by-side photo of himself and Teresa with the caption, “It’s time to let go.”

Joe was released from prison in March 2019 and deported to his hometown in Italy where he currently resides.

Teresa and the girls visited him in November. The girls also spent Christmas with him overseas.

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