Patricia Richardson credits chemistry with Tim Allen for 'Home Improvement' role


Patricia Richardson revealed how she ended up in the role of Tim Allen's on-screen wife in the hit sitcom "Home Improvement."

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Richardson opened up about how her role as Jill led to "immediate" on-screen chemistry with Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor (Allen).

"[The network said] we need to have someone that challenges him and is as much a feminist as he is a masculinist," Richardson said. "There has to be an equal struggle."

Richardson, who didn't even audition for the role of Jill, found herself playing the character after being in the right place at the right time. She was brought in as a last-minute replacement for the role of Jill just days before production was about to begin.

"I didn't want to do any more sitcoms, and I certainly did not want to be a thankless mom. I didn't audition for it," she recalls of the process. "I came in and they said, 'We want you to start tomorrow.'"

But despite the last-minute nature of her casting, Richardson admits that the chemistry was too good to pass up. "Immediately, I loved him," she said of Allen.

The fans loved them, too. "The primary thing I saw the most in the mail was, 'Are you looking through our windows? The things you and Tim fight about are just like our family,'" Richardson remembered.

"It was very gratifying to me, because Tim and I worked so hard," she said.

"Home Improvement" ran from 1991-1999 on ABC, airing in between "Full House" and "Roseanne" on Tuesday nights. It then moved to a 9 pm slot on Wednesdays.

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