Patrick Dempsey Encourages Fans to Wear Face Masks Using Iconic 'Grey's Anatomy' Quote


Patrick Dempsey briefly revived Dr. Derek Shepherd to make one bold request: wear a face mask!

Dempsey, who played the "McDreamy" character for 11 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy,” took to Instagram to encourage fans to do their part in slowing the spread of coronavirus.

To get his point across Dempsey used one of his iconic lines from the series: "It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives.”

Fans will recognize the phrase as one his character often said prior to performing surgery. Dempsey starred on the long-running ABC drama for 11 seasons prior to his abrupt exit in 2015.

The caption was accompanied by a photo of Dempsey wearing a patterned black and white mask. He also used the hashtags "#WearAMask" "#COVID19" and "#YourActionsSaveLives.”

This isn’t the first time Dempsey has urged his followers to take the pandemic seriously. On Saturday, he posted a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci explaining how important it is for everyone to take proper precautions.

"Please, please listen to what he is saying," the 54-year-old wrote. "Take a few minutes to watch this and really pay attention. We can make this go away! We are all in this together. We can do this people, but we have to be mindful and support each other. Wear a mask please."

Dempsey also set a good example of social distancing back in April with former “Grey’s” co-star Eric Dane.

In a photo from their hike, Dane, who played Dr. Marc Sloan aka “McSteamy,” and Dempsey kept a comfortable distance of six-feet between each other.

"Blurry pic of how to hang out 6 feet apart," Dane captioned the photo on Twitter.

Dempsey’s plea comes amid a surge of coronavirus cases across several states in the U.S. Florida, which officials believe may become the next epicenter for the novel virus, has seen the most dramatic spike. Gov. Ron DeSantis suggests younger adults are responsible.

Only 2 out of all 50 are actually reporting a decline in coronavirus cases compared to last week: Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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