Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Super Bowl 2020 Commercial

friends watching super bowl commercials
Photo credit Getty Images

Super Bowl LIV was a touchdown.

You caught the amazing halftime show and enjoyed all the discounted food deals you could stomach.

And of course, the Big Game was incredible.

And wait — was that O.J.?

But when all is said and done, nothing resonates quite like those ads.

Every year, the commercials are what have viewers buzzing the most, and end up leaving some of the most far-reaching legacy.

This year’s ads were no exception, offering up something for everyone.

Jim from “The Office” showed off his best Boston accent, MC Hammer reminded us that we can’t touch this with dusty Cheetos fingers, and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend threw one amazing party.

Other notable moments included Bill Murray reprising his beloved “Groundhog Day” role (the game was on actual Groundhog Day), Jason Momoa, and Oprah and The Rock announcing that they are “running mates” in a new campaign.

It’s impossible to choose, but you have to be ready to make those split-second decisions when it’s game time.

Vote for your favorite Super Bowl 2020 commercial below.