Rami Malek and Pete Davidson parody 'Squid Game,' impersonate each other on 'SNL'

a side-by-side of Rami Malek and Pete Davidson
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Pete Davidson and host Rami Malek were like two peas in a pod during the most recent episode of "SNL."

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At first, the two appeared in a prerecorded bit that started out as a country music parody of Branchez & Big Wet’s “Turn Up On the Weekend,” but quickly morphed into a comedic twist on current Netflix mega-hit, “Squid Game.”

Watch the "Squid Game" parody on "SNL" here

"Yes, I'm broke and it's a damn shame, I guess I gotta play the Squid Game," Davidson's character sang. "My only option is the Squid Game," Malek joined in.

The duo harmonized on the chorus: "I have a number not a real name, cause I'm playing in the Squid Game."

As The Daily Beast notes, if you aren’t up to water-cooler speed on “Squid Game,” you may want to avoid the clip as it gives some plot details away.

In fact, if you’d never seen “Squid Game,” the whole thing might make little impact, which is always a risk when "SNL" wants to take their comedic pen to a brand new pop culture phenomenon. However, Davidson's comedic faces alone can generate a belly of laughs.

And Malek breaks away from the seriousness of his previous roles, including the villain in James Bond's "No Time To Die, to deliver lines such as, “Weird cards, pink guards, locked us in a big room,” amongst a convincingly accurate recreation of the show’s set.

And if that wasn’t muti-layered enough for you, the two impersonated each other during a game show parody tilted "Celeb School Game Show," which was pretty meta, even by "SNL" standards.

As Vulture and Davidson as Malek pointed out, fans often call out the similarities between the two, so the late night show took that comparison head-on during the sketch.

Watch the Game Show sketch right here

Both stars did a spot-on impersonation of each other, and credit must be given that neither one started cracking up during the sketch, especially since the audience and a few other cast members sure did.