'Sesame Street' Airing Autism-Themed Episode for Autism Acceptance Day


“Sesame Street” is celebrating Autism Acceptance Day with new content from Julia, the first muppet with autism who made her debut on the children’s series in 2017.

Much of the feature will focus on Julia’s relationship with her brother, Samuel, and addresses “learning to play together.”

"You'll see some beautiful moments between Julia and her family," Kama Einhorn, senior content manager at Sesame Street Workshop told Good Morning America.

She also said audience will “see those differences being celebrated, but you also see the commonalities that children and families share with each other -- especially siblings.”

Einhorn revealed that the theme behind the new content is “superheroes” explaining that "siblings of children with autism are often the unsung superheroes in a family.”

“You see Samuel in action, but you see a range of who he is. He's not just this perfect helper. He has a life and he has conflicts, but you also see him being an extraordinary support to Julia, having a really important role in the family ... as everyone in the family It does, including the family dog, Rose,” she explained of the content.

“Sesame Street” developed the project with families with autism in mind.
Along with the new content, they will also have resources and activities that will be available for free in English and Spanish.

The series teamed up with Exceptional Minds, a non-profit digital arts school for young adults on the autism spectrum, to bring Julia’s drawings to life.

The episode, titled “Fluffster Kerfuffle,” premieres April 6.

In 2020 the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 54 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, according to AutismSpeaks.

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