Elliot Stabler says ‘I love you’ to Olivia Benson in emotional ‘Law & Order’ spinoff episode


It’s the moment that “Law & Order” fans have been waiting literal decades for: Elliot Stabler told Olivia Benson he loves her.

Spoilers ahead for episode 4 of “Law & Order: Organized Crime”

In an emotional episode of the franchise spinoff “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” the former partners were brought together after Stabler’s children enlisted Benson’s help to have an intervention for the detective, whose behavior got increasingly erratic after the death of his wife.

Stabler (Christopher Meloni) snapped at Benson (Mariska Hargitay) after she expressed concern, only to break down and say “I love you” to her. But whether or not it was a romantic admission was left unclear, as Stabler followed up by saying he loves “all of you” to Benson and his children.

TV Insider reports that “SVU” has already been renewed for several seasons. And with “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf already hinting at a second season of “Organized Crime,” there’s plenty of time for the possible romantic implications between the two police officers to be explored.

Last month in an appearance on TODAY, Meloni shared that returning to the “Law & Order” set was a sharp contrast from how he remembered, at least until he was able to work with Hargitay.

“It’s such a cliché ... I got on the stage of the 'SVU' set and it has changed,” Meloni said. “They have different actors and it’s not my house, it’s not my place, so I had no connection. But as soon as I got to act with Mariska, it was like yesterday.”

Meloni continued, sharing that “we know each other and mess around socially and all that, but when we got down and cameras were rolling ... it was such a seamless, effortless endeavor. It was great.”

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