Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien Guest Star on Each Other's Late Night Shows


Late night television saw an epic crossover on Tuesday night.

Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert appeared on each other’s shows via a side-by-side video chat.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, all late night talk shows have resorted to airing episodes from home. To keep things fresh and fun, O’Brien and Colbert, who tape on opposite coasts, came together on one screen and found strength in numbers.

In the interview, which aired on both of their shows, the hosts compared notes about what it’s like working from home, and they both agreed that the social distancing is taking a toll.

"I miss the laughter," Conan revealed adding, "I miss the joy that I bring others."

Colbert agreed stating, "I miss the audience because I get all of my value from their praise."

"I have no self-worth at all. I only exist really in reflection to them chanting my name, so it's been rough,” he joked.

"When they chant my name now it's usually as an angry mob," O’Brien retorted.

The duo also gave tours of their home offices, which is where they’ve been filming nightly episodes of their show for the past month.

Colbert pulled out a bottle of gin from his desk drawer and rhetorically asked, “Is that bad?” O’Brien said he had something “equally as cool and sexy” and showed off his Abraham Lincoln bobblehead.

Things got a little personal when the hosts pulled out home photos of their fathers and grandfathers.

At one point, Colbert’s 8 ½-month-old dog, Benny, crashed the party.

“He just yawned in my face,” O’Brien said adding it was a “huge blow to his ego.”

While the crossover seems unconventional for late night TV, it isn’t a first. O’Brien and Colbert have appeared on each other’s shows before and are good friends.

With social distancing and self-quarantine as the "new normal," another crossover is happening later this month as Colbert joins the two Jimmys, Fallon and Kimmel, to host the special “One World: Together at Home” on Saturday, April 18. It will be aired across major networks.

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