'Stranger Things 3' Breaks Incredible Record

By Maruful Hossain

(ALT 92.3) - The third season of "Stranger Things" has finally been released on Netflix and has already smashed the service's viewership record.

Netflix released official data that 40.7 million member accounts tuned in over the span of the Fourth of July weekend to watch a portion of the show. We now know how these people celebrated their Fourth of July as they wanted to see the continuation of all things that are strange.

For those who have not watched Stranger Things (at this point, that in itself is strange), the science fiction show takes place in 1980's Indiana, following a group of kids and their supernatural encounters.

This show launched the careers of Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard while Winona Ryder was reintroduced to a brand new audience.

With this much success and viewership within the timespan of a release, fans can surely be excited for and expect a season four of Stranger Things.