'Stranger Things' Fan Spots Hopper's Car on Set of Season 4


The fourth season of “Stranger Things” has started filming and fans are speculating Jim Hopper could still be alive.

The fate of the popular character (played by actor David Harbour) was left in limbo at the conclusion of the Netflix hit’s third season, but new photos from the program’s Georgia set show what appears to be Hopper’s car, reported the Daily Mail.

The pics of the police chief’s van were taken by an eagle-eye fan and shared on Reddit. But adding to the mystery is that the vehicle doesn’t have the “Hawkins Police” logo, which it had on previous seasons.

The pics were posted with the caption: “Filming has begun in Rome, Georgia. They're currently filming behind my brother's house on E 9th.”

It should be noted, none of the show’s stars - including Harbour - were spotted on the set.

So is Hopper alive? Is this photo part of a flashback scene? Or perhaps a red herring purposely leaked to throw the show’s rabid fan base into a tailspin?

Unfortunately, we don’t know the answers to any of these.

What we do know is that Hopper seemingly met his demise at the end of last season after trying to shut an opening to the Upside Down located in a secret Russian bunker within the Starcourt Mall.

While Hopper’s dead body was never shown on screen, months later Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) are seen mourning his loss.

But a post credits scene kept hope alive as Russian guards are seen being instructed to feed a prisoner to a Demogorgon, but are told "not the American.”

Unless more photographic evidence surfaces, fans will have to wait to find out Hopper’s fate when season 4 of “Stranger Things” premieres. A date has yet to be announced.

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