Whoa! 'Blossom' cast reunites and give update on reboot plans

Mayim Bialik speaks onstage during the 70th Anniversary of Israel celebration in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 10, 2018
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As if Mayim Bialik wasn’t busy enough with her new “Jeopardy!” hosting gig, she’s also got the second season of her new sitcom, “Call Me Kat,” coming up.

And now, thanks to her original breakout hit sitcom, “Blossom,” she’ll no doubt be dealing with a ton of nostalgic fan love too.

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Yup, “Blossom” – that early ‘90s NBC hit that spawned 1,000 big, flowered hats – might finally be getting the reboot treatment.

But first, Bialik gathered much of the “Blossom” cast to place them as guest stars in the season 2 premiere of “Call Me Kat,” whetting the appetite of “Blossom” fanatics who have been shaking over the rumors of a reboot.

“Blossom” cast members -- Mayim Bialik, Joey Lawrence, Jenna von Oÿ, and Michael Stoyanov -- all recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight about the special premiere episode and, yes, the possible reboot of Bialik’s beloved family comedy.

In a fun meta-twist, the “Call Me Kat” premiere involves the other “Blossom” actors being in town for a celebrity golf tournament, and they – WHOA! – just happen to pop into Kat's Cat Cafe. Bialik, as Kat, then fangirl fawns all over them about the show she loved growing up.

But it doesn’t stop there, “Blossom” fans. During the ET chat, Bialik implied there’s going to be an Easter egg slipped into the “Call Me Kat” premiere.

"I mean, there's dancing, we can say that," said Bialik. Then after the ever-michievous Joey Lawrence whispered in Bialik’s ear, she added, "It's kinda on the nose there's an Easter egg, but we don't wanna tell you yet!"

Lawrence then returned to normal volume to answer rumors of a reboot.

"It's been talked about the last four or five years," Lawrence said. "Every question and every interview that I do, that's like the second or third question that they ask, 'Are you guys gonna do that 'cause of all the reboots and everything that's been going on?' Mayim and I have talked about it, Jenna and Michael have talked about it. We've all talked about it."

As far back as last March, Bialik has publicly expressed her desire to do a reboot. Not to throw any water on the hopes, but it seems it’s all still in the formative stage, according to Bialik.

"Don Reo, who created ‘Blossom,’ he and I have actually formulated something that we would like to do with this cast," said Bialik. "Not a strict comedy. That's something he and I have been working on for several years, and I guess for us being able to be together [again on ‘Call Me Kat’] and see how easy it still is for us to interact is empowering for me and Don, to be able to say like, 'Wow, we really think there's something here.'"

As to what that something could be, Bialik continued, “We think that the show's so iconic as such a classic sitcom, we think that it would be a really wonderful opportunity to say yes, but also real life happens to these people. So that's something [Reo] and I have been working on, and we hope to gain more attention for it now that the four of us clearly like to be together still."

Bialik's hint of a more serious bent to the now grown-up "Blossom" crew, should the reboot happen, sounds a bit like the idea Will Smith has taken with his recent dramatic shift on another classic ‘90s NBC hit reboot, the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," called "BEL-AIR."

But hey, from what Lawrence and Stoyanov blurted out, things could soon be at the working up contracts level.

"My agent has already accepted their first offer," Stoyanov quipped. "I'm just that excited. I was like, 'Whatever it is, just say yes." Added Lawrence, "I'm in, I'm in."

Again we say, WHOA!

Check out the sideways “Blossom” reunion during the “Call Me Kat” season 2 premiere on Fox, January 9, following the NFL doubleheader.

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