This Company Will Pay You $1,000 to Watch 25 Hours of 'Friends'


You could get yourself $1,000 just for watching an absurd amount of “Friends.” No, seriously. If you binge for an entire day and change, it could be enough to pad your wallet a little.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the beloved sitcom, is offering one lucky candidate the ability to watch a ridiculous amount of “Friends” for some extra cash. All you have to do is apply online!

There are a few perameters to the task, though. You have to watch at least 25 hours of the show by September 22nd in order to redeem your prize. On top of that, you have to live tweet the whole thing.

Everytime you pick up the remote and press “play” on your Netflix account, your thumbs better be ready to fire off some tweets about the experience. When September 22nd rolls around, you’ll be required to take a selfie with some of your own friends and celebrate the end of your bingeing. Of course, you’ll be required to tag @FrontierCorp for them to send you the cash.

It’s really not a bad gig if you don’t mind watching “Friends” in excess.

So what does it take to get the job? You have to be the most on-top-of-it “Friends” fan out there. Know all the quotes, how many sisters Joey has, and what the heck a Holiday Armadillo is.

The company will select the lucky viewer and send them a year-long Netflix subscription, a pack of “Friends” swag, and, of course, $1,000 bucks. There’s no taking a break from this!!