'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz Relates to Character's Personal Struggles


Chrissy Metz understands her “This Is Us” character’s struggles. In an interview with People, the actress revealed she has been “pulling from personal experience” to portray her character Kate’s overeating struggle on the new season.

“That’s a real big challenge, and of course, I get that and I understand that personally. Of course, I bring that [into playing Kate]. I think every actor brings something personal to a role,” Metz said.

Earlier in the season, Metz’s character finds out that her son is blind. As a coping mechanism, Kate has been eating food and beings to over eat.

If you are a fan of the show, you may know that Kate has struggled with her figure. When her father passed away in her childhood, she turns to food to help ease the pain.

“Of course, [overeating] was her first way of coping with her father’s death and with all the pain. Feeling like the outcast and even issues from her first love and her childhood, all of that,” Metz said.

Metz can relate to her character’s complicated relationship with food, and believes some viewers will understand it as well.

“This Is Us” always gives us the twists and turns we didn’t want, but can’t look away from. Recently Chrissy Metz opened up on the troubles that could be ahead for their characters, Kate and Toby.

The married couple are sitting pretty in season 4 with a newborn baby and a generally happy life. But “This Is Us” fans know that the calm can only last so long. In an interview with People, Metz admits Toby could be holding onto something that puts a strain on his marriage.

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