'BH90210' Is Back! Watch the Opening Credits


"BH90210," the show based off of the original "Beverly Hills, 90210," is coming for fans on Wednesday. But to hold you over, they've released the opening credits for the show.

The clip features all of your favorites as they laugh, dance, and hang out while their names scroll across the screen.

But with the show premiering this week, the show’s original stars are being candid about returning to the series without their beloved co-star Luke Perry.

Jennie Garth disclosed how working on the show in the weeks after Perry’s untimely death in March helped them all deal with the tremendous loss.

“The timing was something that seemed horrific, but in a weird sort of universal way,” the 47-year-old told "Today." “It was a way for us to all be together during (an) incomprehensible painful time. I think that was really good for all of us, actually.”

And while Perry is the only original cast member not involved in the program, Tori Spelling said the show will pay tribute to him in little ways rather than with one huge moment.

“We wanted to do that,” the mother of five said. “We didn’t want to do anything big that took away from the horrible thing that happened, just to do it, so we wanted to do it in a nice way.”

Meanwhile Shannen Doherty said filming without Perry was unsettling.

"It was surreal, all of us together again and sort of realizing that you're missing a key component, you're missing some heart," Doherty told "Good Morning America." "Luke was all heart and all humility and beauty and grace and humor and just grounding, earthy human being. So, he was missed sorely for sure."

The reboot has the actors playing heightened versions of their real selves while also portraying their iconic ‘90s characters. Although this a big change from the original series, the cast never lost their connection to Perry.

"It’s different in every way, and he’s with us all the time and we all feel that and know that in our hearts,” Garth told Extra.

“BH90210” premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.