‘Wheel of Fortune’ answer goes viral for how wrong it was


“Wrong answers only” is a common joke prompt on Twitter, but one “Wheel of Fortune” contestant may have taken it too seriously after an atrociously wrong answer on the game show went viral on the social media platform.

On Thursday’s episode of the classic game show, a contestant had the chance to solve the following puzzle: “THE N_ _T _ _ N_ R _ T _ _ N.”

While the correct answer, “the next generation,” would have scored him an even bigger lead than the $9,900 he had already banked, the contestant blurted out “the best buttercup” instead, according to Yahoo.

Pat Sajak, the quippy host of the popular game show, was as bemused as television viewers and could only respond “oddly enough, no.”

“Wheel of Fortune” fans took to Twitter to express their confusion, noting that none of the blank letters in the contestant’s guess matched the correct response, and joking that “‘The best buttercup’ sounds like something a person might say when the anesthesia wears off.”

In a surprise twist, the contestant went on to win the game, proving that perhaps it really was the best buttercup of them all.

This isn’t the only a time a gaffe didn’t cost a contestant money. In April, a contestant got tripped up during the game’s crossword puzzle portion, causing the internet to get up in arms over a controversial rule.

In the game, contestants are asked to solve the puzzle word-for-word without adding any additional words including the common conjunction “and,” but despite Sajak’s reminder to not add anything, contestant David Peterson forgot and included the conjunction.

Despite guessing the correct words, Pederson was disqualified due to the technicality, but ultimately walked away with $1,000.

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