'Wheel of Fortune' Contestants Baffle Fans With Barely Used Letter Guess


Let’s file this under the “how not to win” category.

Two contestants on Thursday’s “Girlfriends Getaway” episode of “Wheel of Fortune” made some questionable choices that left everyone watching at home and on Twitter stumped and confused.

Best friends Marleta Robinson and Nancy Krol were on the verge of winning a trip to Costa Rica costing $11,772 when they fumbled and picked the letter “Q” as a guess.

Fans were quick to point out that the letter “Q” is rarely used on the game show because it’s usually followed by the letter “U.”

It also didn’t make any logical sense in the phrase they were solving: "E _ _TIC - AND - C _ L _ R _ _ L - BIRDS."

FOX reports the only place the Q would have worked in would be “EQUTIC” or “C_L_RQUL,” which didn’t form any logical words in the English language.

The wrong guess gave an edge to their opponents, who made the most of the gaffe by earning a turn and correctly guessing the phrase: "EXOTIC AND COLORFUL BIRDS,” and thus, walking away making plans for their exotic vacation.

While Robinson and Krol won’t be going on a free BFF getaway anytime soon, their friendship was salvaged when they still walked away with $7,300.

As previously mentioned, Twitter had a lot to say about the ladies’ choice to roll with “Q.”

“Exactly what word was she thinking of when she called a Q,” one user questioned.

“q?? Q!!?? I bet those two aren't friends anymore after that games [sic],” another wrote.

It’s possible they thought the word “EXOTIC” was “EQUATIC,” but we’ll wait on them to officially clear up the confusion.

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