The Song Dave Matthews Band Has Played Live the Most

This song has been performed 1,147 times!
The Night Before Dave Matthews Band Presented by Entercom
Dave Matthews Photo credit Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Entercom

It’s summer, so that must mean the Dave Matthews Band is on the road. They’ve kept an extensive touring schedule almost from the moment Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Stefan Lessard and Carter Beauford got things going.

Dave Matthews Band formed in 1991 and honed their chops partially at Trax in Charlottesville, VA. Their first gig is thought to have been at the former nightclub on March 14th of that year. On that night, DMB played some songs that they still perform to this day, including “Warehouse.”

Since then, the band has released nine studio albums, most recently 2018’s Come Tomorrow. While Dave Matthews fans are always up for new music, it’s probably the standards contained on early releases like Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash that keep them coming back. For some it’s a reminder of their college days.

So what song has DMB played live the most after all these years? The Answer is “Ants Marching” from the debut album. The song has been played 1,147 times lives, according to – probably never the same way twice. Number two on the list is “Jimi Thing,” also from Under the Table and Dreaming. The song has been played 969 times.

Rounding out the top ten are “Tripping Billies,” “Two Step,” Warehouse,” “Satellite,” “Dancing Nancies,” a cover of “All Along the Watchtower,” “Too Much,” and “Don’t Drink the Water.” Check out the totals below.

Ants Marching - 1147

Jimi Thing - 969

Tripping Billies - 906

Two Step - 843

Warehouse - 793

Satellite - 791

Dancing Nancies - 721

All Along the Watchtower - 687

Too Much - 673

Don’t Drink the Water - 667

Dave Matthews Band has U.S. dates scheduled through September 22nd in Asbury Park, NJ. Check out the complete list here, and revisit an epic performance of “Warehouse” in the meantime.