Why You'll Be Seeing More Music Videos in Your Facebook Feed

The social media giant is ready to go toe-to-toe with YouTube

Get ready to see a lot more music videos when you log in to Facebook on August 1st.

The social media giant is set to unveil hundreds of thousands of music videos this weekend. The move comes to challenge YouTube, which has had a stronghold as the space for music videos on the internet this year.

Facebook aims to allow users to do more than just watch music videos on their site. Variety reports that videos will be wrapped in new social experiences designed to encourage people to spend more time in Facebook’s apps.

Users will start to see music videos in their feeds on August 1st with the feature being rolled out over the following days. Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and numerous independent music labels have signed licensing deals with Facebook.

The full catalog of music videos is expected to roll out over the next few weeks. The company has been developing the initiative for some time and began to test music videos in India and Thailand in late 2019.

While you’ll soon be able to watch official music videos on Facebook, users won’t be able to create their own playlists just yet. That feature is expected to become available in the near future. However, the company will be rolling out their own playlists such as “Popular This Week and “New This Week,” along with themed playlists like “Hip Hop MVPs” and “Epic Dance Videos.”

Like YouTube, music videos on Facebook will only be played while the user is in the app on mobile devices. If you close out the app, the video will stop playing.

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