Don't fumble the wings: Veterinarians warn of unsafe foods for pets during Super Bowl

By , KYW Newsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)Super Bowl Sunday is celebrated with dozens of tasty finger foods and appetizers, but veterinarians warn: Keep them away from your pets.

A record number of pets were adopted during the coronavirus pandemic, so vets are cautioning new pet owners to make sure they don’t get their paws on foods they shouldn’t eat.

Some items may be common knowledge, but Dr. Lauren Ciolek from Heart + Paw in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, said dogs and cats should avoid getting into popular Super Bowl party snacks like:

• Chicken wings
• Onion rings and other fried foods
• Alcohol
• Chocolate
• Certain types of nuts

“Some things like chicken wings have fine bones and can splinter easily and puncture the stomach or intestines,” said Ciolek.

Onions and garlic can be deadly, and she said fried foods and creamy dips can cause an upset stomach or vomiting.

“Onion rings may taste delicious, but they are poisonous for our pets. Onions and garlic in any form can damage the red blood cells or even lead to kidney failure.

“Alcohol in any form is toxic to dogs, so even a sip can cause fatal respiratory depression. And don’t forget about dessert: Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and many nut varieties such as walnuts and macadamias, which are commonly found in cookies and other desserts, can cause vomiting, paralysis and even death.”

Picking up a hoagie platter? Those pointy toothpicks holding sandwiches together can cause internal problems if ingested.

Grapes and raisins must be avoided, too, as they could cause kidney failure.

If you think your dog or cat got into something that may be harmful to them, contact your vet as soon as possible.

“If you are concerned that your pet might have been exposed to anything that might have been toxic or that could cause a problem if it were sharp, like a chicken bone, you should call your vet right away,” Ciolek continued. “The sooner we find out the better, and the more likely we are to make them feel better from the time that they ingested something.”

Ciolek recommends keeping a bowl of food or treats out for your pet to safely enjoy when you’re eating, drinking and watching the game.

“At least they can feel like they are part of the fun, but they are eating something that is safe for them to eat.”

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