‘Jeopardy!’ champ gives very wrong answer on way to victory

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Sometimes even “Jeopardy!” aces miss the easy ones.

On an episode earlier this week of the trivia show’s Second Chance Tournament, Jack Weller, who lost a tie-breaking loss earlier in the show’s current season took on a question in the “Plurals That Don’t End in S” category.

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The clue: Moose. Weller’s answer? “What are meese?”

Perhaps he was thinking of the plural of goose? His answer was wrong as the plural of moose is still moose.

“Jeopardy!” fans took to Twitter after the episode to mostly be understanding to Weller’s gaffe. “The most relatable wrong answer I’ve heard,” one user wrote.

Another wrote about the “meese” answer that Weller should have gotten extra points and they were “totally here for it.”

“Can’t put into words how happy I am that I decided to watch tonight’s #Jeopardy episode before heading to bed,” another fan wrote, capping the message off with a simple #MEESE.

Not knowing the plural for moose was one of Weller’s only missteps as he answered the Final Jeopardy question correctly and moved on to the semifinal round of the Second Chance Tournament.

Weller will be competing against Sadie Goldberger and the winner of Wednesday’s competition for a chance to advance to the finals.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images