Stars, they're just like us — Justin Bieber falls for TikTok Tom Cruise deepfake

Jokes Tom could ‘catch these hands my boy’
Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise
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The Tom Cruise deepfake strikes again.

Deepfake vids of Tom Cruise have been taking over TikTok for several months now thanks to @deeptomcruise. And the latest victim to fall prey to the deception was none other than Justin Bieber. Yup, the Biebs got totally fooled into believing that the real "Tom Cruise,” not one created by Chris Ume using artificial intelligence to merge Cruise's face with impersonator Miles Fisher, was the one really shredding on a guitar and singing.

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JB took to his IG Stories last week to share the clip, tagging the real Tom Cruise alongside a message saying, “I’m impressed with your guitar skills.”

“But you could still catch these hands my boy,” Bieber added, calling back to his previous proposals of a fight with the Mission Impossible star.

Justin even posted his own “cover of @tomcruise new song” to “show his respect,” aka joke on Tom a bit more, before coming to the realization but also questioning that, “That’s not really Tom Cruise?” Adding “Oh well, still hilarious.” That it is, indeed.

No, but like for real, the resemblance is mad creepy and we personally can’t even look at any of the @deeptomcruise vids for too long because of their strong level of cringe — which is of course more than likely intended… we think.

Anyway, check them all out for yourself here.

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