Martha Stewart dishes on dating with Chelsea Handler and we can't turn away

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Photo credit Martha Stewart
By Audacy

During her visit to New York Chelsea Handler stopped by the Omnimedia offices to chat with Martha Stewart and discuss all the things — from dating in your 80s, to comparing the very different types of advice they give to their audiences, and so much more.

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Despite having “two mad crushes in the last month,” Martha admitted to Chelsea that currently her love life consists of a whole lotta nothing.

“Turns out one of them was married to the mother of some friends of mine,” Stewart stated, adding, “and he’s so attractive.” After assuring those of us listening she had no plans of being a home-wrecker, Martha did admit she’s had opportunities to be so in the past.

“I’ve had the opportunity… and I have not taken anybody up on it,” Martha disclosed, adding that those opportunities arise since most of the men she meets are through friends of hers. And while she’s never actually taken up an offer, Martha shared that she has let her thoughts wander, admitting she's at times found herself thinking, “oh gosh couldn’t that person just die, not painfully… but it hasn’t worked out," she quipped.

And the conversation only continued from there, and trust us it’s way to good to miss. So do yourself a favor and press play above.

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