Video of VP Kamala Harris working out at the Lincoln Memorial goes viral

By , KCBS Radio

Bobby Tran is an avid runner who lives in the Washington D.C. area, so naturally he and his girlfriend hit up a popular running spot - the National Mall - on Saturday to catch a glimpse of a new portrait of VP Kamala Harris.

So imagine the couple’s surprise when they spotted Harris herself, getting in her own workout on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

"We turned around and there she was running the steps and being one with the community," Tran said in an interview with Insider.

He shared a video of Harris running up the steps on social media and it has since gone viral, with many people pointing out Harris’ Secret Service agent having to keep up with her in his suit and heavy winter coat.

Tran said he also spotted Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff cheering her on at the top of the steps.

“It wasn't until later when I looked over the video that I noticed the second gentleman at the top, who paused to give her a high five as she finished her run. I thought that was the coolest thing to be so supportive of each other out there."

Tran says it was surreal to realize that he and his girlfriend had the same Saturday morning plans as the VP and her husband.

According to Tran, Harris paused to chat with many of the kids who came up to her.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: VP Kamala Harris