WATCH: The Taco Bell of the future has burritos flying from the sky

The new Taco Bell Defy, located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
The new Taco Bell Defy, located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Photo credit Joe Hiti / Audacy
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Taco Bell's new innovative, drive-thru-only restaurant has opened in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, under the name "Taco Bell Defy," as the fast-food chain looks to revolutionize the game.


The new design is two stories with four drive-through lanes. One lane is traditional like any other Taco Bell, and there are three pick-up lanes for those looking to get in and get out with their burritos without human interaction.

The pick-up lanes feature a kiosk where hungry customers who ordered ahead of time can simply scan a barcode before pulling forward to receive their food.

While a person would usually deliver the food, the new location has an elevator-style delivery system reminiscent of the delivery system used in bank drive-thrus. It shoots the burrito at you.

The elevator system also features a screen and camera, giving customers the ability to communicate with employees if something is wrong or they need extra sauce.

To order through the pick-up lanes at the restaurant, customers need to download the Taco Bell app, select the location, and choose the "pick-up" option while ordering. After collecting payment, the app will give customers a QR code to scan at the kiosk to confirm their order, letting workers know to send it down the shute.

Construction on the site began last summer, and Mike Grams, the President and Global COO of Taco Bell, shared in a statement that the company has worked to create fast and innovative ways of serving its customers.

"Taco Bell Defy is an incredible innovation for our brand, and one that's meeting our consumer in a really unique way," Grams said. "For decades we've been committed to providing a fast, safe and friendly drive-thru experience."

The main issue that Taco Bell is looking to fix is wait times, saying in its press release that Taco Bell Defy aims to reduce service times to two minutes or less. Grams also touched on this, saying that "Taco Bell Defy is the future."

But for those who are looking for human interaction, don't worry, as the standard drive-thru lane still features that friendly "Welcome to Taco Bell" greeting and a human cashier to take your payment.

The restaurant was designed with the help of Minneapolis-based Vertical Works Inc., and co-founder Josh Hanson shared that they looked to solve the problem of speed when coming up with the concept.

"We applied our innovative approach to problem-solving to create a brand new way for consumers to access fast food," Hanson said. "We know today's consumer expects a convenient and memorable experience, and the Taco Bell Defy concept delivers on both."

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Joe Hiti / Audacy