Andre Iguodala congratulates his biggest hype man, Max Kellerman, on 'First Take' success

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The clock is winding down. The game is on the line. The last shot can only go to one player. And 999,999 out of 1,000,000 people would agree that arguably the best shooter in NBA history should probably be the guy with the ball in his hands as the seconds wind down.

But not Max Kellerman.

Of all the takes that Kellerman had throughout his five-year stint on "First Take" — the funny ones, the bold ones, the often borderline-ridiculous ones and everything in between — that one might have drawn the most criticism from fans. And so it was only right that the focal point of the take, NBA great Andre Iguodala, made sure to send off Kellerman with a congratulatory message.

"Max, what's up? It's your boy here, man. Congratulations on five great years, to many more great years and your next endeavors and [continued success]," Iguodala said in a video (h/t Reddit user Lagooooooon). "From one of your favorite fans, appreciate you supporting me, knowing who should take the last shot when the earth's on the line. So congrats, and here's to the future."

Kellerman was also given a proper send off by the show itself, with longtime co-host Stephen A. Smith calling in.

Though Kellerman has still not admitted he was wrong about the whole Iguodala-Curry take — and, to be fair, who's to say he is objectively wrong? — he did admit that one of his boldest takes was incorrect during last year's NFL season. Now that Iguodala has sent him a personal thank you, however, I don't think Kellerman will ever give Curry the satisfaction of walking back his take.

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