Audacy Sports Fantasy Football Show Week 5: Waiver adds, streamers and stealth starts


So, I guess a video I tweeted went viral?

I have three things to say about this:

1) Don’t be like these people.

2) To anyone who mocked me in the comments for not stepping in, how precisely would that have helped? I’ve lived 31 years without a criminal record (outside of speeding that one time in Fishkill, New York) and I plan to keep it that way.

3) It is absolutely, 100 percent time for a hair cut (I check in around the 22-second mark of the video below).

I don’t remember paying for the “drunken back-alley brawl ticket package,” but I guess those are the perks of Section 128 at the Link, a venue I’ll be visiting again next week when the Eagles host Tom Brady and the reigning champion Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football. The funny thing is, I was this close to walking out the door in a red 1997 NBA Finals shirt because it matched my Jordan 12s, before my buddy talked me into wearing a more neutral color (black). That turned out to be a pretty wise decision.

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Philly fans are getting a bad rap for this, but it could have happened anywhere, or at least anywhere beer is sold in great quantities. Seeing Patrick Mahomes play in person checked off a bucket list moment for me, but the continued prevalence of overserved fans taking out their frustrations on each other, often in the presence of children, makes a pretty compelling case for watching the games at home (Scott Hanson has never thrown a haymaker at anyone). Anyway, Chris Emma, Jordan Cohn and I are here to address all your Week 5 fantasy needs, talking waivers, streamers and much more ahead of what should be another entertaining slate. And to anyone attending a game this weekend … keep your head on a swivel.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Jack Roberts, Audacy Sports