Baker Mayfield is 'almost 100%' sure he saw UFO on way home from dinner

By , Audacy

On Wednesday afternoon, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski noted that he wouldn't place any parameters on his players in terms of their trajectory (see the video above), and that quarterback Baker Mayfield is no exception.

"I know he can continue to get better. He is another person that is eager to get better, he is chomping at the bit," Stefanski said. "And when he walks in this building or we virtually see him next, we'll make sure that we outline some things he can improve upon."

Might I make a suggestion? You might want to improve upon his vision. No, not as a passer. Just in general.

Maybe that's too harsh. But I'm pretty sure that UFOs aren't casually flying around in Austin, TX, where Mayfield and his wife, Emily, were driving around and claim to have seen exactly that.

Emily added a separate tweet, saying that she typically doesn't believe in UFOs but that she "saw something tonight that [she has] never seen" and was taken aback.

If you couldn't tell by my unnecessarily sardonic introduction, I don't really buy into UFO talk either. Not saying there isn't life somewhere out there, but I don't think they're flying in spaceships in plain sight. Some followers believed him, but many Twitter users replied that it could have been anything from a space launch to a shooting star to... well, anything other than UFOs.

Some of the responses took a more humorous route, as expected.

But, hey, if there's one thing that puts Baker Mayfield in good quarterback company, it's his UFO belief. The 2020 NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers, also claimed to see a UFO a couple of months before he was drafted to the Packers. He was with others, who also claimed to see it, and he had a whole in-depth description.

"It was a large orange, left-to-right-moving object," Rodgers said to Pete Holmes on the "You Made It Weird" podcast. "Because of the overcast nature of the night and the snow, you couldn't make out ... it was behind the clouds we were seeing, but it was definitively large, moving from left to right."

So if Mayfield throws for — oh, I don't know — a league-high 48 touchdowns and five interceptions in 2021, like Rodgers did, maybe then I'll start to believe that there were some extraterrestrial forces at play here. Until then, I'm not buying it.

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